Making Magpie, Update #5

More about our Hambidge residency, and finding new materials...

It's easy to plan for what you know, like we know we will be in residence for two weeks with a piano and we know we have a great collection of musical material. We know we want to make something very cool, very beautiful, and very integrated

Of course, it's the things you can't know or plan for ahead of time that really make it interesting. For example, we didn't know how taken we would be by the red dirt and hiking trails...


...or how the elemental, earthiness of place would influence the materials we chose to work with. In the course of our days, we gathered a set of basic white materials --  flour, paper, cheese cloth -- and began to put them in conversation with our music, movement, space, and each other.

...Sometimes more elegantly than others...



Making Magpie, Update #4

Friends, we have been to the hills of Northern Georgia and we are here to reply to our own wonderings from back in November. It looked like this:


and from our window like this:


and also sometimes like this:

IMG_3233 (1).jpg

Not too shabby. We should say, we did do some work over our two weeks, too. More on that later.


Making Magpie, Update #3

Our residency at the Hambidge Center begins later this month, and it's fair to say that our recent conversations have fixated on the trip. It's our first formal K A T E S residency, which is wonderful, and it will be the longest, most concentrated time we have yet apportioned for a K A T E S project. 

We're structure people, so we're thinking a lot about how to organize our time and what exactly we are hoping to walk away with. (We're also trying to maintain a healthy respect for the unknown.) Internet and cell service are spotty out where we'll be in nature, so that's a factor. Plus, we're both flying in from far away and need to manage what to bring, like, not all of the art supplies our hearts desire.

Kate has been doing tons of research on the residency itself, and is reminding Katelyn of things like bringing a flashlight. Katelyn is helpfully checking out local restaurants on Trip Advisor. Both of us may be daydreaming about popping up to Asheville and riding the Blue Ridge Parkway.



Making Magpie, Update #2

Happy new year from K A T E S! Magpie continues!

Not too long ago we realized that our creative work would be richer and deeper if we each spent a little extra time in the other Kate's discipline. After one of our video chats, we designed and assigned each other three short explorations: listening and music for Katelyn, and movement and choreography for Kate.

Katelyn ended up creating a visual score, writing a short piece of music for tuned crochet hooks, and doing some deep listening. Kate tracked movement impulses, found a dozen ways to move in and out of the floor, and choreographed a gesture phrase.

To new things in a new year!

Making Magpie, Update #1

Making Project Magpie is a big (and exciting) endeavor, and we're going to share a little about how we're doing it. Exhibit A - weekly video conferences:


We started these calls back in October, and so far we've used them to discuss all the great stuff we've been gifted, develop a working analogy of project-as-quilt, book travel, and set individual action items. Plus, a weekly deadline is no small thing when you're collaborating on a beautiful amorphous project across the continent.

K A T E S 

A Residency for Project Magpie

Hey everybody! We've got ourselves a residency for Project Magpie! For two weeks in mid-February Kate and I are holing up at the Hambidge Center in northern Georgia, where we will do some serious nest-building with all your glorious scraps. We hope it will look like this:

Or maybe this:

Purple North GA.jpg

 One more important thing - thank you to everyone who has contributed! We are still collecting, so send us something if you're keen.