Making Magpie, Update #3

Our residency at the Hambidge Center begins later this month, and it's fair to say that our recent conversations have fixated on the trip. It's our first formal K A T E S residency, which is wonderful, and it will be the longest, most concentrated time we have yet apportioned for a K A T E S project. 

We're structure people, so we're thinking a lot about how to organize our time and what exactly we are hoping to walk away with. (We're also trying to maintain a healthy respect for the unknown.) Internet and cell service are spotty out where we'll be in nature, so that's a factor. Plus, we're both flying in from far away and need to manage what to bring, like, not all of the art supplies our hearts desire.

Kate has been doing tons of research on the residency itself, and is reminding Katelyn of things like bringing a flashlight. Katelyn is helpfully checking out local restaurants on Trip Advisor. Both of us may be daydreaming about popping up to Asheville and riding the Blue Ridge Parkway.