Thank You, Omaha!

In the last few days, K A T E S has each flown almost exactly halfway across the country, explored Omaha, made new friends, spent time with old ones, seen TONS of new music-theater-dance, AND performed together for the first time in over two years - what a week!  Huge thanks goes out to Omaha Under the Radar for including us in their wonderful, growing, vibrant festival. Here are some snapshots of the week - we'll share more polished photos and video in the coming weeks.   



"Buckle" Revamp

We've all been in this situation - it's time to revamp the choreography for Ryan Brown's short piano piece "Buckle" and the performance is just a month away, but you're tapped out of ideas. Sigh. Fortunately, Jack Kerouac is there for you.   

Just crack open Dharma Bums, choose one heartbreakingly beautiful sentence, and then hang movement on the words like so many brilliant ornaments on a Christmas tree. Nestle the dance into the music. Pour one out for JK and the boys and thank heaven ideas are infinite.

P.S. - Omaha Under the Radar starts in a month and a day. Yes.

California Bound

The long, long break is finally over. The K A T E S winter is thawing. Maybe most exciting (for her, at least) is that Katelyn Halpern is California-bound for some good old dancing/strumming/clapping/piano-plinking rehearsal. Yes - you guessed it!  We are getting the band back together. The performance - our first in 2 years - is still TBA per the organizer's request, so although we can't disclose all the details, we can say it's happening this summer in a fantastic city with loads of talented co-performers. 

That's all for now - more updates to come from sunny Oakland.


Now for a Longer Break

This summer each of us Kates is doing something pretty big. Kate Campbell is moving back to her spiritual homeland of California, and Katelyn Halpern is getting married and continuing on the not-as-spiritual journey of teaching high school. It's hard to hand-clap across three thousand miles, so there won't be any news for awhile. Whenever there is some again, though, this is where it'll be.  

Keep up with Kate Campbell here on her website.

Dance Conversations @ The Flea

Last night we had the pleasure of performing at The Flea's Dance Conversations festival. Working with the Flea was fantastic. Case in point - they dissembled the piano twice (!!) for us: once to get it on stage before tech, and again to get it off stage for the act that followed us. If only we had a picture to share of the crew performing that feat of strength. 

Before the show, we got some neat photos where Katelyn is staring into space with hooks for arms:

Then after, of course, we had the dance conversation. We took questions along with the other performers and choreographers, mostly about our collaboration, friendship, and how we play off each other. For more info about the show, click here.